Our Approach

With so many design elements to consider, a project can become overwhelming for some individuals, but IJF Living can control every aspect and detail of your interior design or renovation project.

For us the process begins by listening. Your ideas are important to us. We believe the most successful projects are the result of a highly collaborative practice. We strive to work in partnership with you and our subcontractors throughout every phase of the project, to ensure things run smoothly and as planned.

We specialise in creating a unified design that ensures your space is in harmony with its surroundings. For this reason we offer complete home solutions for every aspect of the design and renovation process.

Our design process happens in 4 distinct phases.

  • 1 - The Design Concept

    Our initial meeting is designed to help us understand your style, your needs, the character of your home and your budget and timeframe. We ask lots of questions and look for inspiration.

    Inspiration comes in many forms and we rely on you to share with us some of the things that reflect your own design idea for the space. Whether it is a favourite piece of furniture, outfit, colour or a stage set from a movie, we use this information to help organise and articulate your vision.

  • 2 - The Design Development

    After our initial meeting we charge a small fee to begin to develop the concept for your project. This fee provides you with a second consultation to clarify the specifics of your design. At this appointment images and measurements are taken of your space.

    After this meeting you will be presented with a general concept Floor Plan, a budget estimate and where appropriate a mood board of images or samples that reflect the overall feel we propose for your space.

  • 3 – Documentation

    Once the space planning has been approved and a contract value or price structure agreed upon it is necessary to further develop the documentation of the design. Technical drawings and specification schedules become an essential communication tool used between the design team and the many contractors involved in the design process. They also help to ‘visually discuss’ and develop ideas.

  • 4 – Project Management and Install

    The final phase of the project sees it all come together. Once all the construction has been completed and the joinery, fixtures and fittings installed, we focus on perfecting the space. This includes the final selection of all decorative finishes and accessories.

    We put in place the finishing touches to enhance your living environment and ensure it is both functional and beautiful.

If you would like more information on how we can make your project a reality, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Our first consultation is free and we have different pricing structures depending on your needs. You can be at ease knowing that we can achieve amazing results that you can comfortably afford.

Contact us now to make an appointment.

Our Approach